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Looking for a game designer

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Hello everyone!

I have a project about developing a 3D game but I only can do programming part of it. So I need to work with a designer which can use a program like Maya to design objects and also Unreal Engine 4. Designer should be able to make explosions, objects, materials (F.I. wood), humans ( with different clothes and faces), damaged objects ( like a damaged building maybe) and also animations like walking, jumping, exploding objects, death and damage animations. Knowing basics about blueprint system in Unreal Engine 4 will also be beneficial, knowing game functions are not that important but designing functions of an object is important (like materials). 

  • When will we start?

Probably like mid July-August. This project may take more than 3-4 months.

  • Why do I want so much stuff?

As I said we still have time to start working and thtas why I'm writing it now. You will have time to practice and learn more about what you dont know.


If you are interested please contact me via message for details. I can tell much more about this project if you PM me.

Thank you.

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Got 2 people messaged me so far. Please if you are interested in this contact me. (You can count it as CAS :) )

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