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Can you rely on IGCSE Math results for choosing HL Maths?

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I have recently finished my IGCSE Int'l Maths exams, and was wondering if gaining a good score (A/A*) in it, is a good enough parameter for choosing Math HL. 

It's also worth mentioning that I really like Maths, however it's an online (Pamoja) course.

Moreover, would HL Maths be an overkill especially since I would be taking: Chemistry and Biology at HL? 

Any help would be appreciated :)


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I am currently also an IGCSE student so I probably can't give you much insight on the detailed content of each subject, but I can share with you my experience with choosing my subjects, as I chose exactly the same ones. 


Chem, Bio, Maths HL are my options for next year (with language B as my 4th) and I feel quite prepared for this subject combination. I assume yore doing CIE exams, which are the one I'm doing too. I haven't taken international maths, but normal maths and additional maths instead. As far as I know international maths has some more content than normal maths (0580?) but less IB maths content than additional maths (calculus, binomial expansion, logs, Exponentials etc.)

Even though I take both classes I can objectively say that even though I'm predicted A* and A in both of these courses, I can not predict how successful I am going to be in maths HL. IB is a large jump from IGCSE and much of what you'll end up getting as your final mark relies on your determination and hard work. 

You also have to consider the fact they the course is going to be taught online, and it might be something that will benefit you or truly demotivated you. Try to see whether you're capable of this much pressure being put on you, as no one here knows your abilities and will be able to precisely help you with your problem. Consider talking to your teacher or coordinator who knows you the most.

Chemistry and Biology are a great choice for medicine though, so maths isn't completely necessary! :)

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the person above in quite wrong. International Mathematics has the basics of what you need in IB. It's much more harder the normal mathematic but easier than additional. In International mathematics we do cover logs and exponential.

I did Maths SL at the beginning of this year and I can tell u that everything we did this whole year is basically IGCSE stuff with extra elements from IB. Also, if you get an A/A* in IGCSE Mathematics will be really good for HL Maths. There are only two people doing HL Maths in my year group and they both got an A in International Mathematics. 

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Heylo :)

You're the right candidate for the HL course. Achieving above A and having an interest in math will suffice in being successful in advanced maths courses. I've been looking into why certain people are better than maths, and some tips I read were to do with effort to return ration. Everyone's brain is wired differently, so some people's logical thinking suits the rules and logic that maths is based on. Other people will have to go through the struggle of persevering to solve the problem where the answer won't come to them instantaneously.

Your A grade indicates that you have the logic you need for maths, doing well will depend on how much effort you put into it.

Your HL subjects are certainly not an overkill, it sounds like your more interested in sciences than not.


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