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Sciences and course Selection

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Hi guys, I'm having trouble deciding on what sciences I should take next year (I'm pre-IB and in the IBDP) and most of my friends tell me to do all three HL IB sciences or at least HL Chemistry and Biology and have SL Physics but I'm not sure if I want to do that. As for a career choice, I'm still undecided which is why I feel like dropping a science might prevent me from potentially doing want I want in the future. On the other hand, I will suffer from course overload next semester so I'm not sure what to do. My question is should I take all IB sciences? If so should they all be HL or SL?

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Okay. Taking all 3 sciences is a definite overkill, because physics and chemistry are amongst the toughest subjects (not impossible, though). 

However, you need to mind that if you're taking physics for engineering you need Math HL as well. So trying to take all sciences isn't a wise choice if you're undecided. (It can put you at a disadvantage)

I would recommend you narrow your focus on either Biology and Chemistry (with no physics), or Physics and Math at HL. .. Your third HL could be an easier one, for you to focus on the sciences.


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If your province or territory offer any science class in night school or summer school, you can take it then. I know about a third of my graduating class took all of chemistry, biology and physics using this tactic. There are no particular admissions advantages for taking a 7th course because you can always use the time saved to put up better extracurricular activities. I also know some of them who also took SL or HL Computer Science (literally a fourth science) as a seventh subject and most just take it for the sake of knowing more stuff.

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