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Is my IA valid ?

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Hi everyone,

I'm a bit hesitant about my IA. My teacher told me my subject was valid and quite interesting. I'm writing about THC's effect on appetite but as you may have guess I cannot do an experiment to collect the data I need. This mean I'm collecting data from past paper but I'm worried to have problems with plagiarism since I'm just taking numbers, putting them into a table to end up with the exact same graph..

Could anyone advise ?

Thank :)


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Would it be possible to get data from scholarly articles online, and governmental documents? I'm sure there must be one somewhere. And as long as you cite the source in the bibliography you won't be held for plagiarism. Same with numbers, but the numbers have to be exact to the source, I would advise against changing numbers, as that may be viewed as plagiarism. 


Hope this helps. 

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