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What preparation can I make during summer?

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IB is nearing in really quickly. 

This week will be my last exam week for IGCSE :) .. I was wondering what sort of preparation can I make over the summer to better assist me into having a head-start, especially since I am going for 4 HLs. 

If you have any specific tips for my subjects, or any general advice, it would definitely help a ton! 

Btw, my subject combinations is this..

  • Biology - HL
  • Chemistry - HL
  • English A LAL - HL
  • French B - HL
  • Math - SL
  • History - SL


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Honestly, enjoy your last summer of freedom. Don't stress now as there's plenty of time to do that in the next two years.

You two years of IB will prepare you for most of the content. 

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Perhaps in the summer, you can try to fine-tune the skill of goal setting. In IB there will be lots of homework and goal setting so you can set some goals and really work to meet them this summer. I am not stopping you if you decide to read ahead in any subject, but other good goals including regularly jogging or reading books or getting better at your work/volunteering position. Time management and goal-meeting skills are fundamental in succeeding in IB.

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