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Physics IA catapult Help!

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For my Physics IA I will be determining how the initial velocity affects the range of a catapult, however to do this I need to change the angle and I was wondering how do you measure the angle of release. Is it from the bar to the arm? from the arm to the ground? or something else,

any help is appreciated.


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Hi! I think you are asking a question that is way too specific to your IA that we cannot really answer in detail without risk of accused of malpractice. Keep in mind, he effects of initial velocity on range of catapult is a known relationship nearing the surface of the Earth. You can search online for this relationship if you are not familiar with the derivation yourself. Depending on the equations you use, typically you use either the angle made between the release direction (the direction that the object is released in) with the vertical or with the horizontal. It also may depend on the catapult but just search online or in your textbook for problems involving catapults and you may find a diagram that you can follow. 

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