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Is english A1 very difficult?

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Well i'm from Poland. And i have polish s my A1 language.
The thing is that polish is the most difficult sybject in my IB.
I was reallu surprised by that. You see....i'm taking all sybjects in english, the idea is to study in different country, but i spend most of my time on Polish. Most of the people in my class were failing polish in the first year.

I was just wondering...is it the same with other languages? Is for example English very very hard?
How about Spanish as A1?

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well it really depends on your ability in your A1 language. If it is your mothertongue and you are taking it at standard level, provided that you work hard, it shouldnt be too difficult. I'm from Australia and take English A1 HL and I find it challenging but not too hard - im planning to get a 6 in my final exam..

If it helps, I have a friend that takes Hungarian A1 self-taught (SL) and he finds it quite difficult because he hasnt lived there for 5 years andhe only sees his teacher once a week, but he still thinks he can get at least a 5 in his final exams.

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