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Can you just send your IB score?

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When applying to a U.S. university, is it possible to only send your IB score (and IB subject scores)? I am also taking regular classes and getting percentages and letter grades in those, so I have a normal school transcript, but I've been focusing on IB so my grades look pretty bad. I know at some schools you only have to take IB, and you don't even get normal school grades, so would U.S. universities accept only my IB scores?

Thanks in advance!

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In my school, we only study IB curriculum. I think, we are not the only ones who study only IB program -- majority does that.

So you most definitely can study only IB and apply to University. 

In addition to that, for getting scholarships, US universities require SAT score, as well.

However, they really don't require any other diploma than IB diploma. 


Hope it helps. :) 

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Most US schools just want proof you've completed/are track to graduate high school. IB scores will prove that. If you have non-IB scores as well they may want those as well. (For domestic addmissions we apply with our high school grades rather than IB scores) I would recommend checking with the schools you are interested in.

in addition, you need SAT/ACT scores and possibly proof you speak English. 

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