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Biology EE Tobacco and diseases or plants??

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Hi! I'm in my first year of IB (grade 11) and we've been asked to submit our research questions, or at least a draft of our research questions and I'm a bit lost. It doesn't help that we're the first batch doing IB so the teachers are just as new to this as we are. 

At first I was planning to do a research based question. I wanted to explore how a disease in the mouth can lead to a disease in the body. I was looking at how the use of smokeless tobacco/chewing tobacco leads to diseases like gingivitis and/ oral cancer and how if used long term it increases the risk of a person getting diabetes and heart attacks and so on. 

I was still doing research, however, once I saw that doing a experimental EE would be better I did some research there too but I feel like what I've come up with is too simple. More IA material than EE. I was looking into plants and I'm aware of experiments that can help me prove that chlorophyll, CO2 and light are important factors when it comes to photosynthesis. 

Or I can look at how certain nutrients in the soil effect the growth of plants perhaps by using fertilisers? Or maybe looking at different plants around the city. I'm still unsure of how I'm going to go about this. 

Should I continue with my research based EE and explore it some more or should I do one of the experimental ones even though they're quite simple? 

Or should I do something entirely new?

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