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New Syllabus Biology Exams Structure

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Hello everyone,

I've just noticed from the Specimen Paper that they've changed the structure of Paper 2 Biology HL (SL too I think) in terms of the marks available for Section A & Section B. Section A being the section with all the Data Based Questions, and Section B the one where you to have answer two big questions in pseudo-essay form.

In all exams from 2009 to 2015, Section A is worth 32 out of 72 total marks, whilst Section B is worth 40 marks. 

In the new syllabus exam, they've limited the number of points you can get in Section B to a maximum of only 32 points, whilst Section A is now worth 40 points.

What do you guys think about this change?

Personally as someone who does much better in essay questions than in data based questions, I'd say it's an increase in difficulty. 

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