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Hey everyone, 

Because I had some family related problems this year, I seem to have missed the deadline of every single summer school application. I want to do something that will be included in my CV this summer. Any recommendations? Summer schools, working abroad, volunteering etc. everything works..  

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Maybe try something that challenges you, whether it be a sport or academic hobby. This could include, doing a climbing course, competitive sports, Volunteer work abroad in an LEDC (Less Economically Developed Country) or even just local work with charities. Do something that you enjoy, and think you'll get a lot out off!


Hope this helps :D

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Summer schools (especially in the US and UK) are reputed for being money printers for colleges, as they can often charge far more than they are worth. If they're directly related to your major, they can help but by missing the deadlines you haven't really closed any doors :)

Try landing an internship, as these can look excellent on college applications AND provide you with experience that will help decide what you want to do with your life. Talk to your friends, their parents, look online, or just send out cold emails that can help you get a job doing something you're interested in.

Alternatively, community service also looks excellent on CVs and can come in many forms, many of which don't require too much planning beforehand so you can do it even now. 

Do something you'll enjoy, but also something that can benefit you and help you stand out as a student. PM me for elaborations on the above if you want!

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