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Choosing subjects for journalism

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In the next school year I will be a pre-IB student, but we already have to choose paths of subjects which we would like to stretch. My goal is to study something connected with journalism; as far as I'm concerned the best way is to study Media and Communications in LSE. So therefore I am asking you if you could check if my subjects are properly chosen.

HL English A lit

HL Economics



SL Maths

SL Design Technology

SL History

The path which I'll probably choose is Economics, Design Technology and Visual Arts

Also, is it possible to have either history and economics?

Thank you :)

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Why are you doing HL VA? I've only heard bad things about the workload. Other than that, your subjects are ok as there is no mandatory subject for journalism in many cases and you'll probably just want practice in writing long form pieces of work. 

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That's not a combination that will work, you're missing a second language. You will have to either drop history/economics, or VA, and replace that with second language. 

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My advice is @cutifiedwaffles's advice. Take History HL. It will allow you to write longer, non-fiction essays that will develop your writing. It's not completely analogous to journalism but many of the skills are similar in regards to the research and writing required.

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