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EE Mathematics Moneyball

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I would like to write my Extened Essay in Mathematics. I am interested in Mathematics and sports (especially football).

That is why, I decided to combine those two topics. My first thought was Moneyball (simply put, moneyball is a method of finding undervalued players on the market by reevaluating players’ abilities based on metrics that often reject the traditional wisdom of baseball).

I would like to somehow copy this method from Baseball to Football!

I know that there is a team in Dennmark - FC Midtjylland - which tries to "calculate football". I would like to find their way of doing it and suggest what could be improved.

However, I am not sure whether it is possible to show it mathematically (for example by using one of the option in Mathematics HL, Statistics). I am afraid that it might be too far from Mathematics.

Would anyoune suggest/recommend/advice me anything?

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I think it's a valid attempt. You can still score well in an EE even if you don't quite fully prove or disprove moneyball in football. [EDIT: oops you meant EE. It's best that you provide a thorough conclusion in the EE but perhaps you should make your research question such that you can answer it fully]. ] You have to discuss at least the most fundamental probability concepts and just link it back to curriculum or more advanced statistics. A challenge in doing these explorations where you don't immediately foresee a solid conclusion, is that you have to be careful regarding the "Communication" marks and do a lot of proof reading. 

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