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Bio SL or Chem SL

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Chem HL is considered to be the 2nd hardest IB class. HL Bio is not offen considered to be a super difficult IB course  

With that in mind, I feel it's safe to say SL Chem is harder than SL Bio. 

But it really comes down to what you personally enjoy more/understand better. 

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Biology SL will be more memorising, Chemistry is more logic and understanding concepts. In my case, I would have gone mental in Biology, because I have a terrible memory, but I enjoyed Chemistry, because if you understood some concept, things just fell into place. 

But, as it was said, it's really down to personal preference. 

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Personally if you're planning to study some other field other than science in Uni, I'd suggest taking either Bio/Physics SL; it depends on your preferences but if Chemistry is your only science subject, it's hard to get the motivation to put a lot of time and effort into it. 

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