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Bio IA too easy? Density of Veggies

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Guest M.Windt

Hey guys,

I know that there is an overload of these things on here but I thought hey I could always try it.

Okay so my question is... Is my IA to easy? I am planning on doing a lab about the density of vegetables and the nutritional value of them. However one quick search on the internet gives around a 20403 million hits. So how can I change this to a valid lab for my IA

Please keep in mind that I suck at Bio and that I want an easy IA to get my grade up^_^

Thanks for the replies!

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Group 4 IAs do not get high marks because the topic is "easy", they do when when the question is well-defined and students have put effort in verifying the facts, trends, and observations with what they know already, and some published scientific findings (if necessary). 

I think it's a translation error by what you mean by "density". If you want a specific nutritional value then you should look about specific macromolecules or nutrients. You need to have a question with a clear focus that can be answered with mostly what you know already.

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