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HL Eng lit vs Eng lang and lit

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I just finished my igcse's and was deciding on whether I should take Eng lang and lit or eng lit for HL . I honestly dont really know the difference between the two and wanted to honestly take the easier one because I already have 2 Hard HL subjects . In Igcse I did english language and never did literature before ... If theres anyone who had the same dilemma as I did what did you guys decide to take and how has it been ?


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An old post, but still somewhat relevant!

I would say language and literature is easier than literature, but then again, it's really depends on where your strengths lie. Literature is heavily based on analysis and reading. Language and literature still has a literature aspect to it (as its name implies), but is more focused on the language aspect. I know this can be confusing so think of it in terms of novels vs multimedia/more emphasis on culture and background information (an incredibly oversimplified version of what the courses are actually about!) if you will.

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