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SL or Math Studies

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Hi, I am a student in the US and you need a certain number of math classes before they allow you to take IB Math.  Because of that I wasn't able to take the first year.  How hard do you think it will be if I took the second year only.  Does the second year cover the first year too, or how does it work?  I plan on studying engineering which is why I don't want to take Math Studies.  However, if it will be too difficult I will.

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Year 1 and 2 content divisions are based on the school. You should look at the tests given to students in year one to see if you can learn the concepts in one year. SL Math is not insanely difficult and I know many schools who offer SL as a one year course. Your final IB examinations will cover contents from both years. It's not the end of the world in US not taking IB Math because you can always take the SAT Math IIC test. If you were to end up taking Math Studies SL then you should be very clear in your application that there was procedural barriers to taking SL or HL Math, when you have (hopefully) good Math IIC score.

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