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Should I take easier subjects like business and ess and at least get a 40 or take harder subjects like psychology and biology and get average grades. Which one will colleges be more happy with ???

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To put it out there straight away - we can't answer this question. It's too complex and you gave us too little information.


Firstly, we don't know what you want to do at uni, and where you want to apply for your course - every country has different requirements, so you might be forced to do certain subjects in order to apply. 

Secondly, we don't know you and your abilities. I have friends who would fail business but do very well in psychology - simply because they are passionate about the subject. Choosing something because it's "easy" is wrong not only because everyone is different but also because you're forcing yourself into something you might not even be interested in!

Thirdly, see who teaches the different subjects. While it IS possible to self-study, a teacher for sciences and social subjects can influence your results and your experience with the subject. It does suck that something that you can't control can influence your results, you should keep that in mind. 


Hope I cleared things out a bit. But in order to receive more help from people who either graduated/know more than me you need to tell us more on what you have in mind and where you'd like to study.

Also, your exams seem to be in 2020. I'm sure you'll change your mind about the subjects you'd like to take at least 10 times ;) 

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