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IB subjects to choose to pursue a future doctor career?

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Wanting to be a doctor in the future, what IB subjects should I choose? As of now, this is what I decided for my schedule. (11th grade)

IB Math HL

IB English HL

IB Chem HL

IB Physics HL

IB History of Americas

IB Spanish 3


Sadly, only English HL is offered at my school. I love math, so I may keep it at HL. So out of IB Physics and IB Chem, should I take out one of these subjects? 

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Every single classmate of mine who wants to be a doctor have Biology & Chemistry HLs in common, as well as Maths SL at the very least. 

That said, I think only Chemistry HL is the definite prerequisite, as well as preferably taking double science subjects at HL, though you may want to confirm this first with some possible universities you want to apply to. Other than that, everything else is purely complementary.

Looking at your 4 HLs however, it does seem very heavy and especially more so the fact that none of your 4 HLs is a Language B HL. I guess you can push forward with 4 HLs and then drop one of them if it get's too much. 

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If you get rid of one, get rid of Physics, but keep Chemistry. It's generally required or (in the case of the US where things aren't ever required) will help you at Uni for 'pre-medicine' because you'll certainly have to do a certain number of Chemistry modules.

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If anything you may want to reconsider HL math. I get that you like it, but SL math will easily get you into a premed program. 4 HLs are really hard to work with and that might lower your average

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