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Hey guys,

How do you go about preparing for english lang&lit exams? I just had my exams and got a mark for the paper 1 lang&lit that is well below what I usually get on paper 1 practices. The main problem with my essay was that I seem to not understand the purpose of the text. The purpose that I sometimes write it usually almost right, but not quite. Is there any way to improve my text understanding, especially with the purpose of the text? Thanks

Also, as I am applying to uni next semester, which is end of this year, do these y12 final exams play a huge role in y13 predicted grades? My teacher said that it's hard for y12's to get 7's at the end of the year for english lang&lit sl and that students tend to improve during year 13. However, during y13 will be the time where I will be applying to uni. So how would the teacher create a predicted score?

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Structure is key. I'd look into the BIG 5: 


  • Audience/Purpose 
  • Content/Theme
  • Tone/Mood
  • Stylistic Devices
  • Structure. 

I guarantee that if you include those in your analysis you're on your way to a six. If you'd like PM your email I'll send you some sample P1 I did (I hope this is not against IBSurvival rules) 


Best Regards, 


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