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Subjects for Pre-Med in the US

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I'm currently enrolled for the IBDP and will be starting school this July. 

We had to submit our subjects and I was pretty satisfied with my selection until the moment where we had to discuss everything with the headmaster and the coordinator. 

I wish to pursue Medicine, preferably in the US. (For several reasons) 

The principal recommended I take 

HL: Chemistry, Physics, English 

SL: Psychology, French, Maths 

when we were discussing my interests, ambitions, etc. 

But I'm not sure if I want to take Physics anymore because Physics HL does look exceptionally difficult and though I am sure I can do it if I try hard enough, I don't want to take it if I can do better in another subject. 

This is what I think I might finally take 

HL: Chemistry, Biology (I like Bio better than Physics), English 

SL: Psychology, French, Maths 

I personally find Biology to be more favourable as it interests me more, and is more relevant to what I want to pursue in Medicine. (Currently focused on Psychiatry, not sure) 

I am an Indian, and my principal is American, so he isn't too familiar with how Indian universities work, so that's why the coordinator puts in her opinions as well. 

However, Indian universities require THREE sciences. So basically I will be "closing my doors to Indian universities" if I go with my selection. 

There's the whole thing where I can give out a student proposal to take up three sciences but honestly, I don't think I can perform my best with all of my HLs being sciences. 

And is Physics somehow better than Biology? Just curious. No complications with Chemistry, though. 

I'm new here and I apologise if I've made any mistakes like posting to the wrong forum, etc. 

Anyway, I am really hoping that I'll be able to go to an American university (again, for several reasons), but I want to be safe here IF that is possible. If not, I honestly don't know what I should do...I've got some time before I have to give in my decision. 

I hope that's enough information, if not, I'll try my best to add more if I can. 

If anyone would be kind enough to guide me here, I'd be REALLY grateful. 

Thanks. x

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definitely take bio hl!!! No one in my school who graduated and is studying medicine took physics hl, thats pretty unusual. As well, when it comes to your ee, you would have the choice of doing one either in bio or chem and relating your ee easily with medicine (and uni's would definitely ask you about your ee if you do one medicine related, and can boost your application)

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Bio HL is a godsend when it comes to studying medicine in the US, at some lower tiered unis with HL Bio you could end up skipping one year of courses, which would save your parents a considerable amount of money as well as saving your own time.

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