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Does anyone have any really good IB revision websites links/notes? 

I'm starting IB this coming August and I just want to get a head start for some of the content as I have loads of free time this summer and not able to go anywhere.

The subjects I'm planning to take are: 

  • English Lit HL
  • Economics HL
  • Psychology HL
  • Maths SL 
  • Mandarin SL
  • Biology SL 

Thank you (in advance) 

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bioninja is great for biology, easy enough to understand for sl

you can find economics hl notes in the files section, though they are for the old syllabus yet still applicable

with maths, definitely work on past papers (just search it up, should find links to past papers), however, it is not advisable if you don't have a strong maths background because some topics will need to be taught and can be difficult to self teach

mandarin sl, make sure to boost ur vocab. go on quizlet and search up ib chinese b, you should be able to find flashcards with words that you can use during your ib chinese course. but then again chinese is not really a subject u can study for. at least not in our school, we tend to not study chinese much or listen in class... :D


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