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IB Courses and Workload!

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So I'm currently doing the MYP now and about two weeks ago had to put in and decide my final IB Subject placements, I had chosen

HL Lang & Lit

HL Geography

HL Business

SL Math

SL Bio

SL Chinese


Then I recently switched between HL Bio and Lang & Lit, so now I am in SL Lang & Lit and HL Bio. I'm really scared of this change, I made the change because I thought that I would be stronger in Bio as I am not the best writer and just had my english exam today! But I just wanted to ask like are those good subjects, like I'm very scared that I will be struggling, not understanding and will struggle completely in a subject such as Bio, Chinese or Math. Overall I am fairly happy with my IB subjects that I have chosen but I don't know exactly what I want to do in my life and I just wanted anyones opinion on my subjects that I have chosen, if these are any good or if I should see if I can switch back to HL Lang & Lit as many have said that there is a lot of information in Bio even SL and I really do not want to spending my time on Bio for the two years. So please help me out as to whether I can try and switch back (which would need to be SOON) or stay and give any tips as I tend to PROCRASTINATE a lot and take a lot of naps or any careers I will be able to go into.

Thank you in advance :)

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Hello! So I take biology HL, and I do agree that you'll need to spend quite a bit of time with your nose in the book if you want to do well in biology. It helps majorly if you enjoy the subject, or are interested in it! I am a procrastinator as well, but am coping decently in biology. Ultimately, with any subject, persistence and consistency is key: You won't "struggle completely" in Chinese, biology or maths if you put the necessary work in. Consider your interests and select your subjects accordingly from there. Not only will you be more motivated when it comes to studying for exams, you'll also have a better idea of what you want to do post-IB, and changing your subject selections will be easier as well from there.

You've expressed that "I really do not want to be spending my time on Bio for the two years". Well, if you've chosen biology, tough luck! But it's not just biology. Any subject you choose you'll have to stick with for two years (unless you do decide to switch mid-way or other exceptions!) so ensure you won't come regret your choice - if you've already decided you don't want to do biology, perhaps consider something other than biology? (Note that it's also best if you check out a few university degrees you're interested in. Some universities may need you to take biology as an entry requirement for a specific course)

If you need more of an idea on what each subject is about, look through the current syllabus as well!

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If you struggle with English then don't take HL English. I personally struggled with all the essays and the analysis part and I used to be decent at English before IB. I also took HL Bio and I really liked it! It was a lot of work but I liked the content so that was motivation. Be prepared for a lot of memorization though...

As for careers, you have a lot of subjects all over the place. You have a lot of time before applying to unis though so it's good that you are exploring all these options. Just do what you love.

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