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Im going to take the following subjects next year 



My school is saying they wont offer SL  bio . So I was thinking of taking HL - eco , business , eng . SL - ess , math , french AB . If I switch Psych to Business and Bio to ess . I will have a easier time but will colleges like it ? Or should I stick with psych and just change bio to chem ? I wanna go into business so is taking HL business neccesary ?

I already took business in IGCSE . If someone could please help me it would be great.

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You don't need to take business in high school to go into business, as a general rule. We can't tell you if unis will accept ESS vs bio, it really depends on your course.

Just do what you're good at and will enjoy the most and everything should be fine.

I notice that you've asked quite a few very similar questions - I'd suggest you do you own research and pick something, you can always change in the first few weeks if you don't like the subjects you've chosen.

Also, if you aren't taking the IB exams until 2020, like your profile says, you really don't need to worry about this yet. There's a 90% chance you'll change what you want to study before you start. 

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Business programs typically aren't picky on what IB science course you took, so decide between ESS and Chem. Also, HL Business will help but it's not necessary. If you have a genuine interest in Psych then take Psych since you might be motivated to get a higher mark.

Also keep you English mark as high as possible. Unis like to see that.

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