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Subjects for 2016-2017... Manageable?

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Hi guys!

I am currently a sophomore (finishing MYP in a couple of days!) and the school I go to has just finished finalizing my subjects for next year. However, according to advice from Juniors, my subject choices seem to be too rigorous, time-consuming and as a matter of fact, simply a wrong combination of subjects.

These are my subject choices for next year:

1. English Literature SL

2. Dutch Literature SL (Self-Taught)

3. Global Politics HL

4. Chemistry SL

5. Math HL

6. Economics HL

What do you think of them? Did any of you take these subjects and can give me any advice? Do you think they would meet the subject requirements for most UK Law programs? It does fulfill the Oxford and Cambridge ones, but I haven't checked on many others. 

Also, did any of you have to change their subject choices at the beginning of Grade 11? How did you catch up on all the work you had missed? Did it go smoothly? Would you recommend me to switch if I am not content with my choices? 

Finally, any last advice before I become a prisoner of the IB for the next to years?

Thanks in advance!

Ps. Please reply honestly, because I have never had experience with the IB and do not know a lot about its nature; this post is a sincere request for advice.

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In my graduating class about 40 out of 80 candidates chose Chemistry SL, Math HL and Economics HL. We all took English A: literature HL and for most of us we did not speak nearly as well in French as did in English so even though it's SL and group 2 it felt challenging. Then most of those took the said courses went on to take a second group 4. So you can imagine that what you are proposing may be quite feasible. Most of us had no experiences with special programs like IGCSE, though some were in Gifted or French Immersion learning programs before high school.  A lot of it depend on the teachers' and school's experience and the class size. If your class size is too small (eg if you were only person in Math HL) or too large (perhaps >35 students) then the learning process is harder. 

Without paying extra fees, you can switch courses until November of your Year 2. [EDIT: It generally is fine to switch around courses even a few months into the program. Because each school is different it really depends on how much content your school covers in the few months, and whether you have a good knowledge of these topics before. I know somebody who took grade 11 provincial curriculum physics in summer school then switched from Biology SL to Physics SL at beginning of year 2 and allegedly did not score the lowest grade. If you have taken IB MYP then perhaps you would be familiar with the structure of IB DP.]
If you miss school work, it's best that you preview the related textbook chapters before your absence, get any handouts or homework, then ask your questions when you come back. To ensure best chances of success, you should skim through related textbook chapters before you come to class regardless of you missing school or not. 

The decision to switch should be limited to still accommodating to your dream universities' entrance requirements, which of course you can learn more about on your own. I have a feeling you may be tempted to quickly switch out of Math HL or Economics HL but I think those feelings are quite common so talk to other students about how they cope with the subjects. Because each school teach IB differently I don't want to say much that may not be applicable to your school. 


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I think you might want to reconsider Math HL. It is completely unnecessary work for Law in the UK and takes a lot of effort. It would be better if you took a language at HL instead. And perhaps instead of Global Politics you might want to do History if it is offered at your school.

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UK universities don't have any specific requirements, so take whatever you want, it's just good to take some essay-based subjects. The only issue there might be with your subjects is the fact that Maths HL is a very hard course, so if you're not absolutely amazing at it, it's worth considering changing it to something else at HL. Other than that, looks like a fine course combination to me. 

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Yea I second what everyone else said about Math HL. For reference, I'm in engineering and I took SL Math because HL was too hard. Take HL English instead since it can help improve your essay writing skills.

I also love HL Economics and I highly recommend it. 

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