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Is www.reddit.com a Reliable Source?

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Hello, I recently uploaded a draft of my chemistry IA for my teacher to give limited feedback (as he is not allowed to directly tell us what went wrong).

I wrote 13 pages and believe my content is of high quality, however, I am still paranoid because most of the chemistry involved with my discussion and evaluation of my results comes from a discussion between a chemistry professor and I on the site www.reddit.com.

I am fairly certain that he is who he claims he is through my conversations with him and I am sure that he will provide photos/documents as evidence of his identity if I asked for them. Still I am afraid that this does not count as valid resources.

My friend tells me that I will be fine and it's only a draft but this friend has also mixed up the demand and supply curve multiple times in his 2nd years of HL economics.

Will I be okay? Or will I have to rewrite my discussion/evaluation with a more credible source?

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I wouldn't say Reddit is a reliable source, but since you seem to be fairly certain that his identity is what he claims to be, it may be that there may be exceptions to your instance. Check with your teacher.

However, to be on the safe side, I would recommend you either ask the chemistry professor you've been conversing with for sources he could link you to, or look some sources up yourself. What the chemistry professor has said may be easily located on other sources as well.

Last thing: Don't completely discredit your friend just because they've confused the demand and supply curve in economics! While it may be that you know your friend better than I do, I personally don't think it's reasonable to completely dismiss a friend's opinion on whether a source is valid for an academic paper - solely based on the fact that this friend is confused with a couple concepts in a subject.

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Reddit isn't the most reliable source out there. There's no harm in checking with your teacher to confirm. Better safe than sorry!

Also, try and look up some sources yourself

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