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What do you think about my IB choices?

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Hey guys,

For my Ib choices I am taking:

1) Math SL

2) Biology SL

3) French SL

4) Economics HL 

5) Literature HL

6) Global Politics HL or Film HL (Undecided) 

I don't really know what I want to study yet but I'm leaning towards business/marketing or International relations so I don't know if my choices fit for what I want. I am aware certain universities have requirements but I don't really want to take Math HL but will this affect my chances of getting into good bussiness colleges? I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on something I should take and that I made the wrong choices as I dont know if these courses will be fit for what I actually pick. Oh and btw I'm probably leaning towards studying in the UK for Uni which I have no clue about. 

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UK you will be fine applying for business/marketing/intl relations without HL maths, it'd be a problem when applying for Economics/Accounting. Global Politics might be a better choice than Film for International Relations, but it's worth actually checking the entry requirements of the universities before you commit to your subjects. 

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Don't take HL Math. Stick with what you have and take Global Politics. You have a really good course schedule otherwise

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