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hi, so I have just finished IGCSE and in August I will be going to IB. I want to go into the medical field and the university advice team of my school suggested that I take HL bio, Chen, n math, as the completion level for medicine is high. The problem is I am not very sure about HL math as I only took IGCSE math. Another thing that is bothering me is that I NEED a scholarship to get into a university. I wanted to know if HL math would be a must for the scholarship n for medicine? 

I also wanted some suggestion for the universities that I should apply at as I want to begin my research asap, I want to go to the UK but it all depends on the scholarship, if I get one in the USA I will be more than willing to go.

about my academics; I am an above average student. For example for IGCSE (school tests) I mostly got As n Bs but I had Cs in the languages (eng Lang, eng lit, French)  as they are my weakness. 

I really really need the advise as I feel kinda lost. 


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HL chemistry is generally required when it comes to medicine, and biology and chemistry complement each other nicely for medicine as well. HL maths isn't required, but you should at least take maths at SL (Not studies!). If you're wanting to get a scholarship, taking more vigorous subjects might be the way to go. Different scholarships may have different requirements in order for applicants to be considered, so you might want to look into some scholarships related to medicine and look at their requirements.

When it comes to medicine, you really want to maximize your points, so keep your weaknesses in mind when choosing your subjects.

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Many scholarships also look at your extra curriculars and your volunteering experience. However you also need high grades to complement this. 

SL math will be fine. HL is for those die hard engineers and physicists. However in IB you need to take 2 language courses: English and a second language. If you got Cs before then you might struggle with these so take both at SL if you can. 

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