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Difficulty of HL Physics?

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I am an IGCSE Student and i'm taking Higher Physics in IB after the summer. Could someone tell me exactly how hard it is to get a good grade (perhaps a 6) in HL Physics? I'm predicted an A* for IGCSE Maths and I usually get an A in Physics in IGCSE (However, i've heard from all my teachers that IB Physics is miles away). Is Physics as counter-intuitive and difficult as everyone says it is? Frankly, this is the only subject im extremely worried about for next year. I'm taking SL Maths too rather than HL Maths as i'd just prefer to have a good grade lol 

I mostly would like to go into Economics/Finance and probably if I can, i'd like to minor in Computer Science. Please give me some advice with my the difficulty of HL Physics for a not so science-inclined student. (However, I am willing to work hard) 

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I was also not that much of a science person and took Physics HL. For a while it was probably my hardest HL compared to Maths and CS, mainly because the syllabus is huge and it includes both learning the theory and being able to solve exercises. However, I didn't leave any gaps throughout the 2 years and studied every chapter consistently and solved as many past papers as I could and I think I ended up doing fine in my exams. Since you say you are willing to work hard you shouldn't have a problem if you dedicate a lot of time to it it should be okay.

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