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Which level of arabic should i choose to study?

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So I'm taking Arabic in IB this september, and I don't know which level to take. I am Jordanian living in Jordan but i grew up in China and hence i speak very basic Arabic.

I need to know, in comparison to the other levels, the difficulty of Arabic in IB. For example, the level of difficulty in Arabic A LIT,ARABIC B,AND ARABIC AB.

Thank you in advance :)

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I don't speak Arabic at all but I'm familiar with the levels.

A LIT means you need to be fluent in that language. You will be expected to read novels and write essays completely in that language. 

B means you know the basic speaking and writing skills and you could probably carry out a conversation. You will read some simple texts in the language and answer questions about them.

AB is ab initio and it means you have either no experience or very little experience (maybe you just know a couple of phrases). You will learn how to speak and write the language.

There's quite a bit of a difference between the levels. If you speak "very basic Arabic" then maybe do AB.

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I'm going to take IB next year and I'm in a similar situation as you and what I heard from my school was that if your parents are fluent in Arabic and willing to help you then you should be fine with A LIT standard or B HL. However, if you are planning to go self taught and can speak only basic Arabic then B standard is probably the better choice. :) Hope this help you a bit. 

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