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Possible to learn entire syllabus over the summer?

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Hello guys! 

So Im an IGCSE student and I just finished my last exam (add Maths ugh hahah) and now we've been starting a bit with the IB syllabus. Basically, Im very worried for HL Maths next year but I would rly rly like to keep it.

To make my life a bit easier for myself I've been thinking about studying A LOT of the physics syllabus over the summer so that it'll be more like revision when we go over it in class rather than something new (so that I can spend more time on Maths) 

Is it possible to learn the entire physics SL syllabus (cuz Im guessing HL as well is too much) over the summer? 



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Probably not. But even if it were, why would you want to do this? What will you do for the remaining two years?

Life is more than school and studying. Go enjoy your summer. 

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I don't think it would be as effective to squeeze two years of already accelerated content into 2 months. You can certainly read some chapters or watch some videos on topics you are interested in, but do expect to work just as hard in the school year as if you didn't read anything in the summer. You should pace yourself at a consistent, moderate pace (maybe just 20 minutes a day) so you get good relaxation time without overworking yourself. It would be more effective and efficient, for example, to always read your textbook before each class. 

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