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Physics textbook... your opinion :)

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Hey all,

I am in the second year of the IB and will be having my Ib exams in NOV 16. Since I will be taking my mocks in the coming month, I was planning on buying some IB books especially the:

Physics for the IB Diploma Coursebook 6th Edition

by K. A. Tsokos

but since its quite expensive, I wanted to ask your opinion if its worthwhile buying and if it is really a good book that covers the entire new syllabus and gets me prepared? will be waiting for your feedback :) THX 

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It covers the new syllabus but not the options which you can find online on hoddereducation.co.uk.

However I don't think it explains as well or goes into depth as much as the Fifth edition Tsoko or explains things as nicely as the course companion of the previous syllabus. I'd recommend that even if you do get the book you read other sources in addition to it. Also watching IB physics lectures should help. 

I have a copy of the book. If you'd like to buy it off me PM me.  

Best of luck! 

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Hey thanks, I just bought the 6th edition as its more approp. to the new syllabus :) What do you think, where could I watch these lecture? 

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