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Help with my IB subjects choice

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Hi guys :) I'm about to start my DP at an international school in Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic. I'm pretty firm on my major choice and that is Business (or Business Management/Management) . These are the subjects which are offered at the school:


Group 1 - English Literature, English Language and Literature and the option of choosing a self taught language (if approved)

Group 2 - English B, Spanish, German and French (students have the option of choosing ab initio for the last three)

Group 3 - Economics, Psychology and History

Group 4 - Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ESS

Group 5 - Maths and Math Studies

Group 6 - Visual Arts


I wanted to choose English Language and Literature (although I'm not a native speaker), Economics and Psychology at HL and Maths, Chemistry and Spanish or German ab initio at SL. Nevertheless, I have some questions:

- Should I take Spanish or German considering I might be going to unis in German speaking countries? I have a pretty good understanding of Spanish but I didn't take any classes (I was considering taking Spanish B too). German would be much more useful but I don't like it at all.

- Is this a good subject choice considering my wish to study Business at uni level?

- Is ab initio regarded bad by unis?

- Are these classes too hard? I don't want to have an unmanageable work load.


I would appreciate it if you could take the time and answer my questions or give me any advice if you should have it. Thank you in advance :) 

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I think you have a pretty good schedule. For a business program, taking Economics and English Lang&Lit at HL is preferred. You will also need Math SL (not studies) which you already plan on taking. Take Spanish if you like it. There's no point in taking a language is you don't like it since you won't do very well. Since second languages are typically not a prerequisite for universities, it's okay to take ab initio.

I also think your workload is manageable. Chem and Math SL are much easier than the HL versions and I found HL Economics quite easy (and fun). However, all your HLs are essay-writing courses so be prepared for a LOT of writing.

Good luck!

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