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how to form open question for EE

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hi everyone

I don't understand how to formulate an open question for my EE. my tok teacher did not spend much time on that, as the whole class is confused. can anyone give me some tips or guidelines for an open question?? it would mean a lot to me! 



thank you so much!


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IB published two volumes of 50 Excellent Essays. Here is one of them from an external site: http://www.easthartford.org/page.cfm?p=10855.

Open question is not an official IB term, but it's just a question that must be answered beyond a short answer. For example, "when are your IB exams?" is closed, because only a short response is needed: "May 2017". Instead, "How will you prepare for these exams?" is more open, but still quite closed - you would simply list your study techniques to answer. Finally, "How would the results of these exams affect your post-secondary options?" is even more open, because the answer cannot be exhaustive or definite, rather argumentative. Open questions such as this can accept opposing answers. Because the answer is not known, there can be a lot of exploration in the topic, and external sources need to be cited. 

In short, open questions are answered with an argument. 
Expect to modify your EE research question as you work through it. 

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