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Why are there so few people getting 7's for ITGS?

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I checked the May 2015 Statistical Bulletin and found out that only around 32 people in the world got 7 for ITGS SL & HL combined. But I should add that only about 3200 people took it. That equates to 1% of the people taking ITGS getting a 7.

Is this subject really hard? Or is it because the people who do take it had to do so due to unavoidable circumstances (e.g. clash of timetable)?

And if you did take this subject, how hard would you say this subject is on a scale of 1 to 10, compared to your other subjects? Do you find it hard to revise and prepare for this subject because of the lack of resources?


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Honestly I graduated nearly 4 years ago and its probably only NOW with my University degree in Information Systems could I possibly answer an ITGS paper and get a 7. The grading is tough and my opinion (and I am probably wrong about this) is that people who make the paper look for specific answers but because the IT world is constantly changing any question which expects you to write essay length responses can be answered in a variety of different ways.

But eh I enjoyed it a **** ton more than Computer Science. Programming can be boring.

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ITGS is one of these subjects where it's nearly impossible to get a 7, but a 6 isn't a problem. Those who took it in my grade all said it's not difficult as a subject, but the 7 is elusive (Dosco explained it, I guess). So it's still very possible to do well while taking the subject. :)

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