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HL Maths IA Ideas Help!!

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Hi! I'm wanting to do an IA about space or something related to gymnastics but I'm not sure about what I can include or the maths/methodology I could use.

For space, would it be something either to do with modelling paths of comets, or finding the size/age/expansion rate of the universe. For gymnastics, I'm not quite sure yet.

Any ideas about what I could do or the maths/methodology in each area would be appreciated!! :)

Thanks a ton.

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We can only provide so little on the methodology because it is meant to be an independent project. One idea would be to read sample EEs on topics to consider. Modelling paths or shapes are quite common so there should be lots of examples on that. I would also watch for any particularly interesting math that you encountered rather than apply math to some other interesting topic. The question you need to ask should be (in my opinion) "how can I apply trig and complex numbers?" instead of "how can I do something with gymnastics?". 

You should also consider the rubric/criteria, namely for "Use of Mathematics" you need to demonstrate knowledge of multiple distinct math topics to get a good mark. 
Best luck!

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