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If I fail my diploma could I still apply to the foundation ?

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If i fail my IB diploma is that possible for me to apply to foundation ?

Or should i change to certificates 

what happen if i fail IB ?

Is there any ways to fix it ?


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If you fail to receive your IB diploma, you automatically receive IB certificates in your individual subjects. You can find a list of failing conditions which would mean you don't receive your diploma in the link below. 


To try get your grades up you could challenge the marks you've been given and ask for a remark per subject. Then examiners will basically check your exams again. This could go either way, you could either have your grade go up, go down or stay the same. You could retake certain subjects in November or May. 

I wouldn't recommend switching to IB certificates because they are not as well regarded compared to the IB diploma in certain countries including the UK. However I've heard some North American Universities, specifically in the USA are a bit more accepting of IB certificates.

Still depending on the course and other factors foundation courses may still have certain entry requirements so you'd have to research specific foundation courses. 

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