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IB certificates apply to UCAS foundation

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By UCAS foundation I'm assuming you mean UK foundation courses? If so, for some foundation courses you can apply directly to the institution/ university without having to apply through UCAS. You'd have to apply directly to these institutions/ universities. I'd advise you to research on ISC (International Study Centre) which provides such courses for international students at different UK universities in different courses. After successfully completing the foundation year you'd be able to advance into first year of a related degree. 

However to apply with IB certificates via UCAS it is basically the same process as if you have an IB diploma or other pre- Uni exam grades. First you apply to UCAS, and you simply just log in and fill in all your information accordingly. You'd be able to specify your respective certificates in your application. 

You can still apply for September 2016 start at UK universities via clearing. With clearing you basically contact the universities direct and negotiate for a place. Clearing officially opens on June 30th, but some universities are already open for clearing. Just search clearing 2016 and see what comes up. 

Hope this helps! 

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