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Determining the activation energy between sodium thiosulfate and HCl?

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Is this possible? I just did half an IA on this and its due tomorrow.

Basically, I changed the concentration of the HCl because the H+ ions in HCl catalyse the reaction, therefore by changing the concentration the amount of catalyst changes. I then used the same moles of sodium thiosulfate and timed how long it took for the sulfur to form. I'm trying to figure out how to use the Arrhenius equation and i'm really stuck. I basically found the ln 1/t (seconds) which is apparently equal to ln K (plot on the y axis) and 1/T (kelvin) plotted on the x axis and plotted it iwth all my different concentrations, but apparently I need to plot the same concentration but just at different points? How am I supposed to do that? Please help 

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