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Grade 6 entrance exam

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Hi All,

I am writing this on behalf of my son who would be appearing for entrance test next year for William Davis at Brampton. I am not too sure if mum's can ask questions here, but I would appreciate  your help about the entrance test for grade 6 and about the school who is studying here or any alumni from this school.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello, I think the school's site offers some useful information although it says nothing about an entrance test. http://schools.peelschools.org/1573/ib/Pages/default.aspx

"The IBMYP is open to any Peel student now in grade 5. Applicants will be assessed based on two admission criteria:

  • their grade 4 and 5 report cards
  • a written response to be completed at the Mississauga Convention Centre "

I didn't go to this school but to get into grade 9 pre-IB we did the SSAT test (Higher Level, so for grades 7-8). I think you should ask around to see if your son will be doing the SSAT for the entrance test. If so, it would probably be the one for Middle Level (grades 5-6). I used the "Cracking the SSAT & ISEE" by the Princeton Review although it isn't really needed so long as you understand basic math and language comprehension.

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Hi Everyone,

Anybody appearing for 2017 MYP entrance test? Any students from last year available for tips and ideas.


Than k you


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