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Hi all,

So I'm now half way through my final year and I am the only IB Art student in my grade, my teacher seems to know absolutely nothing about the IB and keeps telling me to do it similarly to the OP system the other students are doing (a Queensland education programme, Australia).

I can't help but feel like my comparative study is completely wrong, but the IB being the IB theres practically no help online that I can find. 

I am very worried about failing the IB due to the lack of any help at all from my teacher. 

If anyone knows anything about the CS or has any tips about IB Art, I would love to hear them. 



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Guest beyondtheimagine


Here's some links that I found useful while I was doing my CS :) :





I'm not too sure if you are taking HL or SL. But for HL; you must reflect how your artists relate back to your own artwork- for each artist I talked about two separate pieces I created and from there just elaborated on it. My art teacher (former IB examiner for Art), also suggested me to make some of my own sketches and talk about the various methods and techniques I have learnt from each artist (not too sure if that is just for HL XD )

I hope this helps :) 


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This is super late, but just in case this might be helpful to anyone else.

The IBO website provides a descriptor of what needs to be achieved for the comparative study/an explanation of what the comparative study is. Follow those guidelines and you should have no problem achieving a high grade!


There are also examples (linked) on left side bar to give you an idea of ways to approach this.

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