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HL Math for Ivy League

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Hi, I'm wondering if taking math HL would increase my chances of admission to Ivy league colleges...

Currently my options for IB are looking like this:
HL = English Lit, Chem, Bio
SL = National Lang A, Math, History

Would this be considered rigorous enough? Or should I take:
HL = Math, Chem, Bio
SL = National Lang A, History, English Lit

I'm also planning on doing my EE on English Lit so would taking that SL really affect it? Sorry for all the questions :P

Btw I'm planning on majoring in biochemistry, then going to med school. My dream school is Johns Hopkins :)


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Honestly I don't think taking Maths HL in itself will increase your chances of going to an Ivy League school. Your better off immersing yourself in related extracurricular activities, finding internships, doing your own research etc. Stuff like that might make your application stand out more. Focus on getting good grades in your IB courses as well as making other aspects of your application stand out.

Biology and chemistry HL meet biochemistry/ medicine standards so your next concern should be making IB as easy as possible for you to get high scores. Choose IB courses at whatever levels to your advantage, ones which you feel you'd get higher grades in because you find them easy or you like them and hence would be motivated to spend time and effort on them. Choosing "easier" subject levels for yourself should also leave you some free time to showcase your dedication towards biochemistry/ medicine. That would be more of a wow factor than simply taking Maths HL. 

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To add to the above, (and this is my opinion) If you were to take Math HL and consistently do well in it for the 2 years. Your dream school would absolutely take that into account, especially since they know how hard it is. But then again, Math HL is tough as hell and I would just stick to Math SL and make sure I have a good college application in general.

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