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Can an EE on politics be on current events?

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Can my EE be on current events if the subject area is global politics? I want to do the foreign policy of the United States toward Israel. However, my supervisor said it has to be an event that is at least 10 years old. I thought that rule was only for history. Thank you!

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Your supervisor is definitely wrong, or you have misinterpreted what they're saying.  I did global politics in May this year, and you are actually supposed to study topics which have occurred in the last 10 years, to separate it from the subject of history.  I think your topic is great.  Your only problem is that you may need to reach quite far back in time (1940s) to explore their policy, and this could lose marks for being too historical and not current enough, which the markers find quite important.  As long as you focus on current foreign policy and have an outlook to now and possible developments in the future, it seems like a very interesting topic.

If you look up the Global Politics syllabus guide, which should be available on the internet with some searching (otherwise, PM me and I'll send it to you) it has some paragraphs on.  I see your exams are in 2017, so the guide will be different to the 2016 one - which is a pilot guide - but there is some information in there on writing an EE which could be helpful.

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