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Hey Guys! We are starting our IOP and I am struggling to come up with a topic for it. Our texts are Katherine Mansfield short stories, The Quiet American by Graham Greene and We Will Not Cease by Archibald Baxter.

I considered a topic talking about the contrasting portrayal of women like Phuong in TQA with one of Mansfields characters and how society has progressed in its treatment of women and their role in society but its a little bit typical I think and I was almost wanting to something more out there and different. 

I would love any improvements on my topic or any ideas! The topic is due this weekend!

Thanks x

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The most important thing that I took away from the IOP was to make sure your topic is very very precise, really hone down on one aspect of your FAVOURITE text. So out of those three, choose your favourite text, one that you actually didn't mind bearing through in class. Then from there, think of a broad theme that interests you. Once, you have your text and your main theme choose either a historical context or a technique to focus on that you can link to the theme. That's at least the way I approached it. e.g. Hungry Caterpillar --> Joy --> Use of colour (bad example, but you get what I mean)
As for the topic you've chosen, I think it's very strong! Perhaps, framing it more succinctly (IB markers love that), into just one sort of phrase e.g. The dichotomy of Phuong and __, through the lens of feminism, or something along those lines would make a little less "role in society" typical. 

Most importantly, if you chose a topic that is you're interested in and you can deliver with passion, then don't worry about being too creative. You can be creative through your presentation and delivery!

Sorry if this response is not that helpful - just a few pointers to come up with a topic on your own terms, because you're the one presenting it! Good luck! <3

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Just believe in yourself and the topic you want to do! When it comes to the presentation itself make sure when you speak to intonate and sound like you are truly all about your topic. If you want to bounce ideas about how you want to work with the creative aspect of your IOP then I am here. I got one of the highest grades with my IOP in my IB class so I am all ears. I loved the IOP because I got to explore something I found quite intriguing (the role of treasure in beowulf)!  Helpful tips: don't do a prezi or a ppt because they are just boring to go through. A girl in my class had a nice IOP topic and made good points but the presentation was just so boring because it felt like a lecture with pictures involved. Involve your audience without going overboard. Hope my thoughts help you out!!!

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