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Mandarin ab or Spanish ab?

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Hey guys

im currently in my first year of dp1, which is ending this month... So basically we are having our practice exams. My subjects are 

Econs hl

business hl

english hl

math sl

mandarin ab initio

Bio sl


i am doing well in all of my subjects scoring at least a 5 or above in all of them, but the issue is with my mandarin. Basically I came into mandarin ab initio with the thought that it is for people who have no previous knowledge or experience with the language. However, my whole class comprises of people who are either Chinese themselves or have studied mandarin in myp or previously whereas I did not. The teacher goes super fast and I can't keep up with it. I tried to change myself from mandarin to Spanish but all my teachers refused and said it would be better for me to stay in mandarin as I will improve as time goes by. I am the only one who is struggling in my class and I have even been taking tuition for mandarin but it's to no avail, and it is pulling my grades down by 7 points given that I can only score 2s or 3s.Now I want to speak to my coordinator to change my language to Spanish but I am going to IB2 in the matter of two to three months. I think I would do better in Spanish as I have a past experience of French in myp where I had taken French at an advanced level and I am aware that Spanish and French have similar rules too. What do I do???






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