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Hi Fellow IB Students / Graduates,

i have completed the IB and am now looking to apply for unis (for next year).

As the grades have not yet been released i will attempt to make a good assumption of my grades:

Chem SL 6

Bio HL 6

Math SL 6

German B HL 6

English A Lang Lit 5

Geo HL 6

I will be taking a gap year to do civil service as a paramedic as well as working at my house doctor's clinic.

I wanted to do dentistry in the UK but found out that i needed Chem HL (for literally all unis in the uk and ireland). I am now struggling to find a good university that teaches dentistry in english in europe.

I had a look around and found that the uni of sofia (and other unis in romania and other parts of eastern europe) have virtually no entry requirements. I have also read that those unis are filled with corrupt teachers and students and that even if i graduate from one of those unis, my degree would be worthless if i were to work in the UK or Canada (aka i would be discriminated against).

What would you advise i do? I would really love to study in the UK or Ireland but i simply do not have chem HL. Is there any way for me to get into dentistry in the UK (pref. scotland) with my grades (i have looked into pre-med years but they also require chem hl)?


Tbh chem hl is not difficult, i just didn't know what i wanted to do back in grade 10 so i chose sl because the teachers in hl were crap.

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You can do what's called a foundation course for UK universities. It's essentially a course you take the year before actually beginning the degree where you catch up on the fundamentals you didn't learn so that once you start a dentistry course you'll be on par (more or less) with the other people in the course. You'll need to look into which universities have them and if you meet the general requirements, though.

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I thought it could interest you. We have various pre-med programmes in Poland for those who'd wish to get enrolled in medical schools. You basically learn for a year all the things you need to know to pass an exam to study in medical schools in Poland, of course everything is in English. Why not to give it a try? ;)

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