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Hello fellow sufferers,

right now I am facing the GREATEST dilemma. I am starting the IB programme in September and have thankfully already decided on my SL subjects (World Arts and Cultures, Greek, English A Lang. & Lit.). I have also decided to take Math HL and Physics HL (both of them are requirements for undergraduates wanting to study Physics or Engineering). So now I have to decide on whether to choose Biology or Computer Sciences on HL. My parents do everything they can to get me to choose Bio, although both of them know I would be better in C.S. And yes, I do have a more positive feeling on C.S., but I know that Bio will be useful if, over the next couple of years, I realise Biotechnology, for instance, is what I want to pursue.

As you may have noticed, I'm stuck :?

So, if anyone has any experiences with these HL subjects or ideally a combination of them, I am willing to bribe you with a gigantic chocolate to give me advice on what I should choose.

Thanks in advance :) 

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So I did CS HL and it was my easiest HL compared to Physics and Maths. If you studied the theory and practiced the programming parts you could easily get a 7. Bio however is one of the most difficult subjects you can take. I have friends who did Physics Maths and Bio HL and they definitely struggled more than I did. However, if you want to do biotechnology Biology will definitely be more useful and I think it is more highly regarded as a subject. It's up to you.

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