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IB Subject Choices?

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Hi guys,

I will be entering the IBDP program in a few months and I've been sorting out my subject choices. Do you think this is too ambitious, or is it doable? 


English Language and Literature HL

Spanish Acquisition HL

History HL

Chemistry SL

Mathematics SL

Theatre HL


I am still doubting Theatre/History HL because I heard that these two subjects are very challenging. Any input is appreciated.


Thank you!

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Guest beyondtheimagine

I think your subjects are quite doable.

But I think you should choose Theatre SL because you already have 3 HL's subjects, plus you are more work onto yourself. 

History HL is not challenging at all, it just requires a lot of effort in the way that there is a lot of note taking and essay assignments. 

I'm not too sure how Theatre HL is but I'm pretty positive that it is not challenging either (Usually the sciences and math in HL are much more challenging). 

I hope this somewhat helps :)


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My IB class actually found HL History to be difficult, but this is just their opinion. I also know someone who took SL Theatre and she said it wasn't very stressful at all and that she really enjoyed it.

If you are a strong and quick essay writer, pick HL History. If your true passion is theatre, pick HL Theatre. Do no pick both at HL. That's just unnecessary work.

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I can (kinda) speak on behalf of English HL and History HL as I'm entering both of their second years.

History HL is the hardest class I've taken in a while, though the concepts are really interesting in my opinion. English HL is challenging, but that is the nature of the DP, especially HL courses. I think, however, that you should be fine with all of your courses.

Best of luck!

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