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Hi guys,

i have an individual presentation coming up this week and I don't know what to do creative for the presentation. My presentation is about foil characters in The Crucible, Abigail and Elizabeth, Hale and Parris. Our teacher recommends us in doing something creative but I don't know what to do. Please, can someone give me ideas, I am in real need of help. 

Thank you. 

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By no means feel like you MUST give a creative presentation! I recently did my IOP and most of the ~80-90 people giving presentations did fairly bland exposition/commentary types of speeches and scored quite well. The few who went creative were hit and miss, someone wrote their own poem and discussed it - not that great, someone brought in a bunch of bells and handouts for theirs and scored 30. The IOP requirements do not mandate such "creativity". However, you must fulfill the criteria of "B: Presentation" which you may find is easiest to fulfill with a more unorthodox speech. However, mostly if you have practiced your presentation a few times to make sure that you are fluid and engaging, have a simple but effective PowerPoint and fairly unobtrusive palm cards, you will score well for Presentation. I am cognisant your thread reads "this week" which is not a lot of notice for something as vital as the IOP, so my advice would perhaps be, go safe but do it well.

If you really would like to go creative, perhaps write a monologue as a character and discuss it, bring in a bunch of visual stimuli and give a normal speech, or even discuss your personal interpretation and changing perception of the works through literature study. The IOP is pretty laid back in terms of marking and the format you are expected to use, so most ideas will fit the bill.

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I did my IOP on the Crucible as well, and actually was considering the same topic as yours :P But yes, it is very difficult to do something creative for the Crucible unless you do a monologue, write a poem, write a skit, paint a picture. However, keep in mind that they're rather difficult to do effectively and you may end up hurting yourself.

I agree with @aTeddy. I believe only 3 people did a creative presentation. Only one person out of those 3 got 30/30. The rest of my class did Powerpoint presentations and while they were not as exciting, they all scored very well.  I would say that you focus more on your content thoroughly explaining your topic and that you have quotes backing up your main points.

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