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Help me pick a biology experiment!?

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I really need help. I thought the biology extended essay was a research paper with a small experiment to back up the research but turns out, the experiment is the entire essay. So I really need to pick an experiment NOW.

My topic is about leaky gut and digestive issues and natural ways to treat it and help the small intestine heal itself.

Some experiment topics I was thinking about doing were:

  • The links between food processing and leaky gut disorder (but i feel like this is pretty common)
  • Links between digestive disorders and fitness levels
  • Good probiotics to take when you have leaky gut
  • or anything else like this tell me more ideas

Also, I don't know how I would even do any of these experiments. Are we allowed to test on mice or other living things? How would I measure the links between digestive disorders and fitness levels and food processing?? I'm so confused!

Any help is appreciated cause so far this has been the worst and most stressful summer of my life.


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